In Your Office

office desk“And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick,” Luke 5:31.

I’ve got a great general practice doctor. In his office, my health is in the balance.

I respect him for his knowledge … he’s an avid learner. I admire him for his work ethic … he makes house calls. I honor him for his devotion … he cares for unwed moms free of charge. I appreciate his bedside manner … he is courteous and concerned.  I have confidence in him … he lets no gallstone go unturned!

He knows me. He asks me uncomfortable questions. He has my wellbeing on his mind and in his heart. He makes an informed diagnosis. He offers his best recommendations. He expects me to follow his orders. He follows up! He cares about me!

He is gifted of God to care for my temporal body. And he faithfully does.

You and I are commissioned by the Great Physician to care for eternal souls. Following the example of my doctor, I want to apply my Call and care with that same devotion and discipline.

In the office of our ministry, all eternity is at stake.

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