Roller Coasters & Bailouts

roller-coaster“And He Himself is the propitiation (payment) for our sins; and not for ours only, but also for those of the whole world,” 1 John 2:2.

Wow! What a roller-coaster ride America has been on.

Now I know many of you like riding on roller-coasters. God bless ya. As for me, I’m completely satisfied where God put my stomach. To me, it doesn’t make much sense to put it in my throat!

The roller-coaster ride our Stock Market has been on has put America’s stomach in its throat. It has been revealing. And the blame game is going into extra innings. No doubt there needs to be some serious assessing. However, when you are struggling to keep your head or pocket book above water, rescuing is a priority.

There are many parallels that can be made to the spiritual roller-coasters in people’s lives. Some are in free-fall, some are spiritually upside down, and some are just on a never-ending cycle of ups and downs. The Holy Spirit’s assessing is desperately needed and rescuing is a priority.

One thing for sure is this; out-of- control roller-coaster rides get your attention. Financially, most Americans are thinking, “How did this happen and whose is going to do something? Sadly, most will look for someone to blame. We do need help. The government’s intervention is vital. However, those who ask, “How did I contribute to this and what am I going to do to correct it?” are the ones, who will be on the road to long-term financial stability.

It is the same spiritually. When you consider the debt of our sin, everyone needs a bailout. Unlike our government, God’s is able to cover every shortfall. However, rescue only comes to those who turn to Him. Blaming someone else, while avoid personal accountability, will only lead to eternal ruin.

Spiritual leaders in a ‘roller-coaster’ world have the answer. We know only Jesus can stop the wide ride. Only Jesus can under-write a spiritual bottom-line that is in the black.

Go bail someone out! Help them get their stomach out of their throat.

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