“… because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you, brother.” Philemon 7b.

“He has time for me.” “He notices my kids.” “His messages make me think.” “He helps me understand the Bible.” “He’s a humble guy.” “He loves Jesus.” “His family is a blessing.”

These are a few of the comments I’ve heard about you. Nice to hear, aren’t they? They are great and you need to hear them. In fact, God wants you to hear them. It’s wonderful to know that you, your life, and your ministry have meaning, meaningful to God and meaningful to others.

While the world, and even we at times, measures ministry success by numerical growth, God measures it by meaning, the meaningful presence of Jesus and His Word in and through your life.  There’s nothing wrong with numerical growth that has meaning. However, no matter how big the numbers, without Godly meaning it leaves a ministry empty.

Now when it comes to filling things up, no one can do it with more meaning than Jesus. May His fullness be your success.

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