When Loss Is Christmas Gain!

“When they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus,” Matthew 17:8.

This Christmas is going to be different. It’s going to be difficult. It’s going to be transfiguring. Not just for our family, but for all families who have experienced a significant LOSS. In our case, it will be the absence of parents.

There are many comforting truths that Christmas proclaims for such a time as this. Because of Christmas, when we say a tearful, “Good-bye.” in Christ, our loved is hearing a joyful, “Welcome home!” Yes, because of Christ’s coming, our LOSS is Heaven’s GAIN.

In the midst of it all, another GAIN has come to my heart. As all of you would agree, the secularization of Christmas is a huge distraction. However, there are other distractions that are harder to recognize, nonetheless, they are there. Good things, family things, festive things, yet, all of them can cause a real distraction. Whether it is the world’s intentional attempt to force Christ out of Christmas or the seemingly innocent things pushing Christ into the background of Christmas, there is a LOSS.

As a spiritual leader, I want to value the good things of Christmas while protecting and cherishing the best, CHRIST, in the forefront of Christmas. Thank you Jesus!

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