About Pastor Brandt

pastor_mikePastor Brandt is a native of South Dakota. He was raised in a committed Christian home where the joy and love of Christ prevailed. He is most thankful for the saving grace of Jesus Christ that enabled him to be born anew to a living hope. Michael and his wife, Colleen, have both suffered the loss of their first mates. Together, they rejoice in the comforting and sustaining grace of God. They have been blessed with 6 children and 15 grandchildren. The Brandts currently live near Rapid City, South Dakota.

In 2008, Pastor Brandt began serving full-time as Director of Shepherding the Shepherds. Recognizing the demands and challenges of ministry, STS offers its services as a source of care. From on-site events to retreats at Shepherding’s Shiloh guesthouse, contacts are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual or ministry. Shepherding’s purpose is to provide care for pastors, lay-leaders, and ministries through a variety of resources (i.e. mentoring, vision-casting, strategic planning, intervention, team-building, ministry assessment, leadership equipping, spiritual renewal).

Pastor Brandt graduated from the Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1972. He has served congregations in Washington, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota and as principle of two K-12 Christian schools. In addition, he has traveled extensively as an evangelist, conducting crusades and seminars across the United States and 5 foreign countries. He and his daughter, Kayla Brandt, authored the book, “Sent and Received”. The book chronicles their family’s journey of faith during his first wife’s battle with cancer. He is also the author and producer of the evangelism training series, “Evangelism the Heartbeat of Heaven”.

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