Initial Visit

During the initial orientation visit our aim will be to build a Godly, purposeful Shepherding relationship. The following are recommended guidelines: (focus, timeline, costs):


Shepherd to Shepherd

  1. getting acquainted: family and Call
  2. ministry background: educational and ministry experiences
  3. joys – disappointments – dreams

Mentor to Spiritual Leadership (deacons/elders) & Staff

  1. getting acquainted
  2. church’s background and history
  3. joys – disappointments – dreams

Mentoring Workshop

  1. introduction to Shepherding – a mentor model of ministry
  2. facing reality: past – present – future
  3. clarifying your core values and mission: strategic planning
  4. equipping your greatest asset: your people
  5. sharpening your Vision: accountable for measurable goals

Mentoring Assessment

  1. review and evaluate initial event (pastor and spiritual leadership)
  2. present Shepherding the Shepherd’s Partnership Agreement


  1. 2 day event – Friday / Saturday preferable   *additional time can be added
  2. Friday: Pastor – Staff – Spiritual Leadership
  3. Friday Night Banquet: all paid and volunteer ministry leaders and mates
  4. Saturday Workshop(s): morning 9 to Noon / afternoon 1 to 4 p.m.
  5. Saturday Assessment: dinner with pastor and spiritual leaders
  6. *Sunday Worship: Shepherding Ministry – “Why We Do What We Do”


  1. travel expense (transportation, meals, lodging)
  2. off site Leadership Banquet
  3. 1 free will love offering for Shepherding the Shepherds

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