Shiloh House

Shiloh, A Legacy of Care

I Samuel 3:21

• Shiloh – Jesus, our Messiah, the peaceful one
• Shiloh – a place of rest, a place to gather and hear from God
• Shiloh – a shepherding site of peaceful rest

Pastor Brandt’s parents, Erwin & Lorraine Brandt, provided a living and lasting legacy of faith. As Christ drew them to Himself, they lived to draw others to Him. As their son, Michael was privileged to be a recipient of their love, example, and mentoring care.

Having served pastorates for over thirty years, his parents experienced God’s enabling grace. From lessons learned, they became wonderful mentors in Michael’s life and the lives of many other servant leaders.

On August 15, 2010, less than a year after his mother’s death, Michael’s dad passed into Glory. Now, even in their passing, God has permitted them to perpetuate a legacy of care. A gift from their estate has enabled Pastor Brandt to provide a place of quiet rest in the Black hills (his parents’ favorite vacation spot). Shiloh serves as a place where ministry leaders can freely draw near to the Good Shepherd.


•Rest, Renewal, and Mentoring Care

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