The Shepherding Partnership


Pastor Michael Brandt, director

Having had the privilege of shepherding congregations since 1972 as an ordained pastor, it is an honor to submit the following proposal.

Shepherding the Shepherds seeks to partner with those whose purpose and practice is of a Godly character. We do not manufacture vision, but are dedicated to implementing sound Biblical practices, goals, and vision in partnership with leaders and ministries. Desiring to build and strengthen the congregation’s pastoral, lay-leadership, and ministry in its pursuit to glorify God in proclaiming the Gospel unto the salvation and equipping of souls in Christ, Shepherding the Shepherds offers:

Shepherding the Shepherds pledges to provide insight and counsel based upon God’s Word and consistent with your unique Call in Christ. In order to accomplish these aims, Shepherding the Shepherd’s mentoring/equipping ministry is retained on a two year partnership agreement.

Realizing we do not work in a vacuum, we want to partner as a member of your team, not make you members of our team. Therefore our goals for this partnership are:

  • closeness between Pastor Brandt and the leadership of congregation(s)
  • advance planning with acceptable lead-time for effective, Biblical  shepherding
  • promote the development of a strategic, measurable plan to meet personal or ministry objective(s)
  • develop an objective assessment (accountability) plan to measure progress
  • monthly Shepherding stipend of $300 plus travel/lodging expenses per visit (the monthly fee enables the Council to fit the cost into its operating budget)

Accordingly, Shepherding the Shepherds offers:

  • 2 on-site visits per year or 1 on-site visit and 1 visit at Shiloh per year
  • assessment and considerations for personal and ministry goals and vision
  • phone/e-mail consultation as desired (unlimited)
  • monitoring of continuing progress

In simple Christian faith, Shepherding the Shepherds will contract with (church name) ministry on the basis of this written statement in a Partnership Agreement. Due to the unique situation of each ministry, flexibility in customizing agreements is required. The Congregation/Council can cancel this agreement at any time.


SIGNED: (Church President(s) _________________________________________

DATE: ___________

SIGNED: (Shepherding the Shepherds) ___________________________________

DATE: ___________

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